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From Struggle to Success: My Journey of Loss and Victory

It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I moved to Dubai in 2017 to study
interior design, and later on, I co-founded an interior design company with two friends.

Unfortunately, we faced financial difficulties and endured a year of struggle, making it
the toughest year of my career. Despite the challenges, I refused to give up.

I returned home for a brief 12-day vacation, during which I sold one of my properties.
Upon returning to Dubai, I launched my new business, Ahleen Travel, my lovely new born

From 2018 until now, I have felt blessed and happy, as I have been achieving my goals,
earning new customers every day, and witnessing the continuous growth of my
company. It is such a great feeling.

Haytham Hamouda

All of my achievements are not solely due to my own
efforts; it is by the grace of Allah that I have been helped
and given the strength to succeed.


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